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Want your book to be reviewed by Crazy Curious Reader? You've come to the right page. Now, take it easy. Authors and publishers are busy people and I'm here to help. Keeping that in mind, I have made the submission process as easy as possible so you don't have to sweat it. You did your job, penning what could be a masterpiece. It's your time to sit back and relax while we bloggers create a buzz about your book! You only need to follow three quick steps to submit your book for review. Read my genre preferences, fill in the form and wait for my response. You will normally receive a reply within 72 hours, but if for some reason I don't get back to you, please drop an email to check in with me.

Genres Accepted

What I Read and What I Don't

I am open to reading a variety of genres. As long as your book does not have content that is in any way discriminatory or targeted towards only a particular readership, I'm willing to give it a try. Religious books are not considered but I might make an exception if a memoir/biography is reliant on religion. That being said, I do have some preferences. My favorite genres are crime fiction/thrillers, psychological horror, political satire, comedy, historical fiction/non-fiction, cozy mystery, LGBTQ+ romance, literary fiction, memoirs and romantic suspense. I am intrigued by the paranormal but don't get a kick out of slobbering zombies or highly eroticized vampires. However, if you think your vampire will blow my mind, do go ahead and send me a request. As I mentioned before, I have an open mind!

Review Policy

What Does My Review Mean

I rate books based on my overall impression but I also review individual elements separately. A book might have an interesting plot but lack in other areas like the style of narration. Hence, I believe every aspect should be taken into account and described briefly, giving readers a complete understanding of the work in question. I also include an emoji/GIF at the end of the review to visually represent my thoughts on the book. This is just a bit of fun. All my reviews are honest and free of charge. However, if I DNF a book or think that it can't earn more than one star from me, I prefer not to publish the review on my blog (the author is informed). Books that get 2 Stars and above have at least one aspect that I liked. Reviews are posted on Blog, Amazon, Facebook (personal and page), Instagram and Twitter. 

Note: A YouTube channel is in the works and I am revamping my Goodreads account. Reviews will soon be shared on these platforms as well. 

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Formats Available
Interested in doing an author interview or guest post?

Guest posts are welcome and much appreciated. If you want to submit a post, send an email. I'd also be delighted to interview you. If you are submitting a review request, let me know whether you are also up for doing an interview. In case you only want to do an interview and aren't submitting any books for review, send an email.

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