Pile Of Books

starter promo

3 Promo posts on blog, 5 posts on Facebook and daily shares for 20 days on all social media platforms. Special posts in Facebook Groups relevant to your book.

Holding Books

super boost

6 Promo posts on blog, 10 on Facebook and 2x daily shares on all social media for 45 days. Special posts in Facebook groups relevant to your book. Option to customize. Help with author website. Special feature on Homepage. 


discount promo

Special promo pack for books that are available at a discounted price or for free. 5x social media shares daily for the discount period. 2 posts on blog about the discount. Feature in freebies section (to be added if free books are available)

Book Shelf

customized promo

This promo pack will be customized according to your needs and the price will vary as per requirements.

Promo Package Selection

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