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Some new and upcoming releases

Whether you are checking off the last book on your bucket list or eager to add some more to your TBR pile (yeah, I do that too), these are definitely worth taking a look. The Crazy Curious Reader spotlight for July is on them, so, take a curious peek

Master (Carnavel des Tenebres book 5)


I am the Ringmaster.

A monster.

Not a knight in shining armour. She would do well to remember that.

Delilah was running from something, and I refused to save her. The Carnaval was not a place to hide when life was hard, it was a last resort. The thin line between life and death, when there were no other options. It was all we had.


I like to play with fire.

A Runnaway.

For five years I have waited for him. For the Carnaval.

He thinks I need saving, but I can save myself. The Carnaval calls to me, I feel it in my soul. I need the darkness to make me feel alive, so I can set the world on fire.


Queen Vernita's Magical Christmas Ride

Join Queen Vernita and her friends on a Magical train ride learning about bandits, forests, the music man, and Santa himself.


Return to Raven's Gate (Onyx Rock book 1)

he day that Princess Emerelda was turned by the Vampire Prince Awin de Courseilles, her life changed forever. Barely escaping his clutches, she soon found herself at Evergreen Castle without a single memory of her past except for the name Elda.

Now, her memories have returned. She has made the discovery that she is not only a princess but also a hybrid of a raven shifter, vampire, and panther shifter.

Trained as a member of the Evergreen Army and reconciled with the knowledge of her past, Elda sets sail for Onyx Rock Island. She is ready to save her brother from the dungeon and end Prince Awin de Courseilles’ reign.

What lies within the shadows of the castle that she once called home?


Evil on the High Seas (A Diana Daniels Mystery Book 1)

Murder, Mystery and Dry Martinis

There’s evil on board the luxury expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos, but no one suspects it. Except for Diana Daniels, a successful management consultant whose rare insight into human behavior and highly developed intuition tell her that not all the passengers are seeking a carefree holiday. Though still struggling with the recent loss of her husband and honoring his request to scatter his ashes in the Galapagos Islands, she becomes intrigued by a mysterious woman in white who arrives at the port of departure.

After discovering that the woman in white is Celeste Constanzo, widow of deceased Mafia boss, Joe Constanzo, Diana is warned away from the notorious crime family by fellow traveler Detective John Nash. But because of their shared widowhood, Diana finds herself inexorably drawn to helping Celeste when the mysterious stranger confides her fear of being murdered by her three adult stepchildren.

When Celeste, along with five-million-dollars-worth of jewelry disappear after the Captain’s cocktail party, Diana is certain that her suspicions have been realized. With Detective Nash’s reluctant assistance, she embarks on her own journey to solve what she’s sure is the murder of the woman in white.

But without a body, her theory is impossible to prove. With multiple suspects and only a couple of days until debarkation, will Diana find the jewelry, the body, the author of the anonymous letters, and the murderer who’s still on board?

With no other choice but to step up and forge a new single life for herself, Diana employs her exceptional skills and gritty determination to solve the mystery of evil on the high seas.

BUY (Available from July 1)

What I Did: A Chilling Psychological Thriller)

A friend.

A dangerous situation.

A choice between life and death.

What would you do to survive?

On the surface, Jessica is your all-American woman—blonde, young, and pretty—but there’s something off in her subconscious, something that draws her to horror movies and true crime. Living with a mix of social anxiety and agoraphobia makes maneuvering the world outside of her mother’s apartment tough, but her job at the local grocery store is something she can manage.

That is, until she gets swept up in the crossfire of an active shooter. In order to survive, Jess must tap into the growing darkness inside of her and cross a line there’s no coming back from, committing her first murder. The experience teaches her one important lesson: murders are like potato chips. You can never have just one.

BUY (Available from August 1)

Half Demon

They Left Her for Dead... Their Mistake

Reese is brutalized and almost killed at the hands of gang members belonging to the demon Durin.

Three lesser demons save her and sort of nurse her back to health. Reese is infused with all three demons’ blood making her not human, but not demon either.

The three demons die during the ritual to slave bind her to them, and she wakes up with gaps in her memory. She knows one name, Durin, and the powerful hatred that comes with it.

Reese must eradicate Durin’s grip on the city. That’s all she knows.

Reese is driven by things she doesn’t understand to kill him before she’s killed herself.

BUY (Available from July 1)

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