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Some more new and upcoming releases

Quarantine may or may not be treating you right but these books sure will take your mind off of this disaster of a year. I have a feeling my fellow bookish people are taking every opportunity to stock up their personal libraries (physical or digital whichever you prefer ;)). So, here's another list of books for you to browse!

A Barrel Racer's Dream: A Western Rodeo Adventure for Kids

Do you have a dreamer in your family?  A child who loves adventure?  Horses?

If so, this is the book for you!

Adventurous dreamer Dee loves the rodeo and her favorite event is Barrel Racing.  She has been dreaming about her first race with her best friend Hank for as long as she can remember. They have worked hard, practiced and persevered.  But will it be enough?  Is the blue ribbon within their grasp? A Barrel Racer's Dream is a great way for kids to learn about the power of dreaming, setting goals and taking action to make their dreams come true!  Kids will learn:

What goes into caring for a horse

  • Friendship/love between horse and rider

  • More about the sport of Barrel Racing

  • Importance of preparation, persistence, and practice

  • Reinforces good sportsmanship - win or lose

Perfect for cowboys and cowgirls ages 4-8 and those who are interested in rodeo, equestrian sports like barrel racing. Grab your copy and let the adventure begin!

Also available - companion activity book.


Saving Tayla (The Beautifully Broken Book 5)

From NY Times bestselling author, Amanda Kaitlyn comes a gripping, sexy romantic suspense in Saving Tayla.


I never thought I would use that word to describe myself.

I was broken: damaged goods. 

My ex had ruined me, wholly and completely. Because of him, I became addicted to the taste of a high I quickly felt I couldn't live without. 

My world that had once shone brightly was now so dark, I couldn't see my way out of it.

I was lost.

A year later, I was free of that damaged man and ready to start living again.

Fighting every day to be sober and become the woman I used to be was now my top priority.

Asher tore into my life like a hurricane, wrecking all my perfectly-laid plans I didn't have time to fall for a man like him.

He had a dirty mouth that melted me, but he was dangerous - I knew that. My heart wanted to give into him, but my mind knew better. 

Loving him was my downfall.


Scream Queens (A Horror Anthology)

In our world, there’s No Escape from the Silence. You can try Breaking Glass, but once you are Suspended in Blood there’s no way out. Hopefully you have an Alibi when you run away from the Silent Screams that fill the night.

Scream Queens is a horror anthology raising money for #PutTheNailInIt, a charity focused on helping domestic violence victims. Now get ready to dive in, and Hush Little Baby, don’t say a word. Stella will read you a horror tale.

**This anthology's proceeds will benefit #PutTheNailInIt Charity which aids in the awareness of domestic violence.***


The Call Of Corvids (A Raven Crawford Siblings Story Book1)

Bjorn “the Bear” Crawford has made some poor life choices. He wanted to prove he could make it on his own by doing things his way. Instead, he's distanced himself from his family, including his twin, Raven, and he’s now so entangled with the seedy underbelly of the Mortal Realm, only a serious haul of cash will get him out.

When he takes a job to steal a magical item for a dark fae lord, he soon learns he’s taken one bad job too many. Nothing is ever what it seems with the fae and this "item" will either prove to be his downfall or his salvation. Bear thought he’d finally found the way out of his life of crime, but has he signed his own death warrant instead?

Please note: This is a Raven Crawford companion piece featuring Bear Crawford as the main protagonist. This is a shorter read. In addition to more swearing, this book contains spoilers for Conspiracy of Ravens, book 1 of the Raven Crawford series. Also of note, an even shorter version of this story was released in a boxed set called "Heart of a Phoenix" on Feb 20, 2020.


Barsoap: Life Behind Bars Vol 1

Enter BG’s nightclub, where poison is served and profit is made, you’ll find your best friend, party your ass off and fall in lust…but it may cost you your soul and make you vulnerable to the ultimate betrayal. This isn’t your daddy’s sappy cocktail story!

Barsoap - Life Behind Bars, is a fast-paced, erotic dramedy featuring Sean Collins, accountant turned bartender. Shortly after his mother’s tragic death, he receives a letter from her regarding his father, whom he never knew. She believes what was ruled an accidental death over 20 years ago, was actually murder by his business partner, Beau Garrett. In order to get close to him and uncover the truth, Sean immerses himself into the chaotic, addictive world of bartending in an upscale nightclub owned by Garrett. The answers are there, if he can survive the barflies, jealous husbands, drugs, thugs, dealers, and the treacherous club owner.

It’s an insider’s look and expose into bar culture and lifestyle. An interesting, humorous, fun and wild ride through that world, filled with excessive partying, promiscuity and drug abuse. Experience the decadence without the guilt and hangovers. Reader indiscretion is advised.


Over the Hills of Green (The Green Hills Book 2)

A spellbinding tale of love, loss and self-discovery set against the magical New York City.

Otherworldly and mundane collide when a young New York psychologist takes on a charismatic patient who may be delusional or may literally come from the Otherworld of her suppressed childhood nightmares.

Driven to solve the intriguing case, Anna Reilly tries to unwind the thread of John Doe's story, but instead becomes entangled in an uncertain relationship that challenges her sexuality, sanity, and her very sense of reality. When he inexplicably disappears, Anna's professional and personal life comes undone, leaving her unsure whether she is expanding her mind or losing it, and whether the androgynous John is a mystical guide or a psychopathic con artist. Finding him will either provide her with the keys to the mysteries of the universe or complete her break from reality.

OVER THE HILLS OF GREEN is the second book in The Green Hills series. The first award-winning book, PRINT IN THE SNOW, sets in motion the events that change young Anna's life forever.


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