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Review: The Curious Touch of Cupid's Son

Book: The Curious Touch of Cupid's Son- An Erotic Comedy Between Two Consenting Demigods

Author: Dave Diotalevi

My Rating: ★★★

Curiosity Points: 6 out of 10


Description: Ever thought what it would be like to have a superpower that you absolutely loathe or one that gives you the heebie-jeebies? Our male lead, Karl, was unfortunately (some would say otherwise) born with such a superpower. His magic touch inadvertently shoots women to the summit of pleasure, no matter what the circumstances. As you can imagine, Karl often finds himself in disconcerting situations. He is so afraid of what his hands might do that he has taken to wearing gloves. But the saddest part is he never finds pleasure in any kind of sexual activity. His life is an absolute trainwreck. That is, until he meets Aurora.

Aurora is a woman with her very own superpower. She can make men dance to her tunes, and no, this isn't merely an exaggeration. She is a force to be reckoned with. It would appear that nothing can go wrong with her life. She's all about the hits, not the misses. But her infallibility falters when she bumps into Karl. Their worlds clash and oddly enough, Karl has a happy moment just about the same time as Aurora realizes that she has found the one man who is immune to her superpower. What happens when they slowly but steadily grow more attached to each other? Life has thrown a massive curveball at them. Can they knock it out of the park? You're going to have to read the book to know those little secrets.

My Impression: This is a quirky, hilarious read. Perhaps the quirkiest book to grace my bookshelf. I don't read too many erotic comedies. I made an exception for this one as it promised to be a laughter riot and in the middle of this covid nightmare, we are desperate for a few laughs. I can't deny that I had fun reading it but at certain points the experience became quite tedious owing to the style of narration. I'm all for experimenting with writing techniques as long as it does not temper the reader's enjoyment of the story. At first glance, I thought I was really feeling the narrative but the verbosity of it proved a bit much for me. There are high points in the plot, some pretty likable and relatable characters, a few comic moments that are going to be stuck in my head forever (you'll remember elevator-music, I assure you) and catchy chapter titles ( I love this idea). So, there is a lot to be happy about. It's a book you could pick up on a day-off and you won't be disappointed. But you should be prepared for a garrulous narrator.

Now, it's time for the details. (No Spoilers)

Story (7/10): The plot is interesting. It'll keep you guessing. I was pleasantly surprised by how the author has used some cliches and given them a totally unexpected spin. As a comedy, it succeeds with flying colors. Unlike books that I've read in the past, this one does not let the erotic plot elements overpower the humor. The story flows swiftly and hardly ever runs into dead-ends.

Characters (7/10): Aurora is my favorite character. She is this fierce 'demigod' who lands herself in major trouble when she discovers her weakness. She is strong and vulnerable, a paradox most of us are familiar with because most of us are that way. As I mentioned before, the characters are relatable. Karl has the same appeal for the reader but I prefer Aurora. The author has done a great job on Karl and Aurora's development arc as he has done with the supporting characters. There are some who are pure comedy gold.

Narrative Technique (5/10): I know I've already ranted about the style of narration. This is just an elaboration. First of all, let me confess, I'm a fan of first person narration. I like the fact that the narrator (Karl) is trying to communicate with the reader, deriding himself happily and is always cautious about his surroundings. In fact, I use a similar style. You've just got to read my blog to find out how many times I use parenthesis. Maybe I felt let down by the first person narrative technique of this book because I generally tend to love it. It could have easily been a success had the author not overdone the long sentences. Is it possible for a narrator to be too garrulous? After all, a narrator has to talk! But they shouldn't perhaps blurt out everything they are thinking. A little subtlety is needed. However, the dialogues are great-- short and witty. Kudos for that!

Genre Score (8/10): The book delivers on its promise to be an erotic comedy. It's true to its genre and executes the theme almost to perfection.

Curiosity Points Explanation (6/10): Curiosity Points are given on basis of the novelty a book brings to your plate. It takes into consideration whether a book plays on cliches or is totally out there. Also contributing towards the score is a book's ability to keep the reader curious till in the end and then some. In terms of being refreshingly new, I'd rate Dave Diotalevi's book a 7 out of 10 but since it didn't manage to hold my attention throughout I'm giving it a 6 out of 10 overall.

Would I recommend it?: Yes, if you are looking for a casual read. If you're frustrated with the covid/quarantine situation, I'd say go for it, buy this book. It's going to be a welcome distraction.

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