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Review: One Journey by Michael Forester


There is only One Journey. We commence it the moment we enter the physical world and complete it the moment we leave.

Our journey is traveled on a road of self-discovery.

During that Journey, we may take many trips, make many voyages. Here are four, undertaken over a period of fourteen years:

  • In the Amazon Rain Forest, a confrontation the unceasing exploitation of its resources and people.

  • In South Africa, an encounter with the power of forgiveness, fifteen years after the ending of apartheid.

  • In Nepal and the Himalayas, a pilgrimage of self exploration.

  • In the Philippines, an exploration the impact of economic modernization upon the people and the land.

Each explores how, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, our voyages into the world are, in reality, a reflection of our Journey into ourselves.

About the Author:

“There is one journey. We commence it the moment we enter the world, and complete it the moment we leave. Its purpose is to learn, to love and to grow.” So starts Michael Forester’s latest book, One Journey: A Travelogue of Awakening.

Michael is 62 years old. He lives between the southern edge of the New Forest and the sea, with his hearing dog, Matt, for Michael is close to being profoundly deaf. He is a full time author and public speaker, travelling both in the UK and internationally, speaking inspirationally and signing his books for readers in locations as far apart as the UK, Thailand and the Philippines.

On graduating from Oxford University in 1977, Michael first taught economics, before spending over thirty years in the world of business consultancy and management.

In 2015, he made a fundamental change himself, leaving management to concentrate full time on creative writing and public speaking. He is the author of nine published books to date, on subjects as diverse as business strategy, spiritual inspiration and epic fantasy poetry.

Michael’s own journey has taken him from early years in academia into middle years in management consultancy, management training and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It has taken him from normal hearing to near-profound deafness and, in 2004, the life-changing arrival of a hearing dog, Matt.

He has traveled around the planet to over forty countries, from the Amazon Rain forest, encountering ecological devastation, to South Africa, experiencing post-Apartheid forgiveness; from a personal pilgrimage in search of the singing bowls of Nepal, to a first-hand examination of the darker side of economic modernization in the Philippines, besides many other destinations.


As the blurb rightly says, the journeys that we take in life are a reflection of an introspective journey into ourselves. Each journey brings us closer to understanding ourselves a little better. One Journey is a memoir documenting four different trips undertaken by the author to places that are geographically far apart. Yet, they are unified by the fact that each journey becomes a learning experience for the author. Each encounter is a new milestone in the path of self discovery. It is how the many journeys converge into a single adventure.

The book discusses concerns that the world is still struggling to come to terms with. Particularly in the wake of a worldwide crisis, these are concerns that need to be addressed and understood. In my opinion, One Journey is an essential read in such desperate times. Although exploring the dark reality of the modern world, the book strikes a positive note. The experiences led the author towards an epiphany which the reader can share vicariously. I would definitely recommend this book, especially now when we are all searching for answers to a million inarticulate questions.

Rating: 5 Stars

BUY LINK http://michaelforester.co.uk/books/one-journey

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