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Queen Vernita's Adventures: A Sneak Peek

The following is an excerpt/teaser for author Dawn Menge's kidlit book Queen Vernita's Magical Christmas Train Ride.

“We have to sew arms onto our teddy bear before we can get on the train . “ Virginia the conductor instructed the children as they worked hard in Santa’s workshop.

 “All set !” Blake yelled as he grabbed the foot of his toy and ran outside, “Come on Maddie, can’t you hear the train whistle blowing ?”

 The two children sprinted out of Santa’s workshop and leaped up the train steps just as the steam blew across the tracks .

 “All aboard Queen Vernita’s Magical Christmas Train ride! Last stop commenced with Santa himself .” the conductor bellowed as the train began to chug down the tracks.

The Queen herself was ecstatic to be spending twelve months with her friends aboard the Magical Christmas Train.  She was going to learn about the flora and fauna along the ride, meet the real life Bobby the bandit, along with Sam the music man and in December they were going to sing Christmas Carols with Santa himself .  What a magical year this was going to be!


About The Author:

Join The Queen on her tenth journey around her kingdom . Queen Vernita’s multi-award winning

educational adventure series included astronomy , gator country, glaciers, the islands, and the coastline .

Dr. Dawn Menge has a PHD in Curriculum and Instruction and has been teaching students with severe cognitive delays for over twenty years.

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Some Illustrations from Queen Vernita's Adventures:

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