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Memories: A Series of Imported Posts from my old website

Hello everyone!!

Life has changed majorly from the time I first found my own little corner in cyberspace (a blog called The Page-Hungry Bookworm). Due to obvious changes in technology and perpetual modifications required to keep up, I had to tweak some features and ended up creating a whole new website. One of the reasons for that was my original domain expiring and the other was the need for revamps. Anyway, here I am in a brand new corner in cyberspace! But as I was thinking about what to write, I scrolled through my old website and felt hopelessly nostalgic. The end result was this idea: a series of posts from my old blog with updates on the books/authors. Keep an eye out for these posts as I plan to feature the choicest books and my favorite indie authors. Happy reading! Of course, there are plenty new reviews and interviews coming up as well. Going to do my best to help you guys ease up and surround yourselves with a positive aura.

Stay safe and stay strong during these tough times, people!

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