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Love YA fantasy? Here's a new book for you!

Consort of Spells (Arda Academy book 2)

Molly Lavenza


Shocked but not shattered.

After my friend Taran led his girlfriend Merith to Arda Academy, our lives were left shaken like figures in a snow globe. My little sister Clare, always high strung and anti-social, now hides herself away with her piano, drowning her devastation in music and solitude. As class president and a role model for other students, I have no such luxury, forcing myself instead to face the truth head on. My best friend Danica remains at my side, her tough as nails exterior resolved to support me as I struggle to control my magical power, but will she ever let me close to the girl beneath, the one I have loved since the moment we met?


Kyle Thorne has everyone's back. His classmates and friends know they can count on him, but the pressure to be perfect after the chaos brought into Arda Academy when Merith Leigh brought her personal battle into the school is overwhelming. The two most important girls in his life have the power to both devastate and defend him: his younger sister Clare, always unreachable and distant; and his best friend Danica, strong and sure, and also completely unaware of his love for her. When his efforts to control his unique magic fail as his confidence plummets, will Clare and Danica be able to give him the strength he needs to stop another disaster from destroying Arda when it is at its weakest?


About the author:

I love my home state of Ohio, where I live with my family and am a recent high school graduate (Class of 2020) - headed to Kent State University in August 2020. I love my cats, potato chips, and my boyfriend, whose dark curly hair and obsession with Converse sneakers was the inspiration for The Changeling Covenant hero, Declan.

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