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August Releases

Want to restock your shelves this August? Check out these new releases!

When It All Falls Down

Jalyna Rose

A heart-wrenching drama centering around stillbirth, the struggles of adoption, and the journey for motherhood.

Katherine Thork’s life is turned upside down when she gives birth to a stillborn baby boy. The loss takes a toll on her marriage and she soon finds herself alone.

Searching for meaning within her grief, she meets eight year-old foster child, Tristan Sudbury, who is desperate for her to save the life of his only friend, an orange tabby cat named Fish. Thrust once again into a life and death situation; Katherine becomes compelled to save not only the cat, but also Tristan, who struggles to find the love of a family.

Even if that means battling the legal system in order to adopt him.


Metamorphosis (New Translation with Illustrations)

Franz Kafka, Trans. Miqhael Khesapeake

Franz Kafka’s 1915 novella had been supposed to be published with no illustrations, or at least, with no representation of Gregor Samsa the bug. By “Gregor Samsa the bug” we don’t mean that a bug was given a human name, but – nightmarishly enough – that a man with this name had been transformed into a bug. Kafka’s novella has been one of the most widely read stories in the world, but we have never had – although we won’t ever know if Franz Kafka himself may have approved of it – a ‘Metamorphosis’ edition illustrated so abundantly, and with lifelike illustrations.

It is an immensely influential work of literature, and we will keep admiring it forever and recognizing in it a masterpiece; despite arguments against a clear representation of the bug, Dr. Khesapeake – who is also a visual artist – chose to bring out not just a new translation to be welcomed, but also an art book to be admired. Kafka’s works, greatly influenced by Dostoyevsky, Kleist, or Gogol, have influenced Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jorge Louis Borges, as well as many other following writers, philosophers, or even film directors. In this new translation, Dr. Khesapeake strives to capture not just that feeling of sad humor or the disturbing grotesque we can find in this wonderful writing in original, but also – by a foreword, an introduction, and an afterword – to apply the tools of the philosophical analysis and commentary in order to project within us, alongside his own illustrations, doubt and fascination, even by means of a slight, moderate philosophical humor, toward why we think we’ve always loved this novella.


One Dance

M L Crichlow

Three minutes and thirty-two seconds.

That's all it took for her to dance her way permanently in my mind. Then she was gone.  For five years, those 3 mins 32 seconds stuck on replay ensuring that no other encounter with another female could compare.

Until one day she was no longer dancing in my head, she was standing at my door. She was about to become my employee. But that wasn't the only problem. She didn't even remember me. How could she not remember what I could never forget?



Nishtha Shrivastava

Rakshabandhan is a two way clear crystal, where a brother named Hansit stains the beauty of

this relationship. Little Gourav who couldn’t even speak was the energy source for Nisha”.

Rakshabandhan is a critique on the artificial social frames and sketches the dark

reality that changed the life of a little girl, Nisha.

Rakshabandhan is the most sacred and valued bond between two individuals of the opposite gender and the expectations surrounding them are enormous. This story unfolds the battle of a little one from the modern tantrums of a couple, their hardships of being together and the ignorance that a child faces due to

the differences between her parents. The expectations that she keeps from a cousin brother and the

shivering end that brings peace to everybody else’s life and leaves her in a never ending pain.


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