Hi there! I'm Sara. Well, my name is Saradia but I'm better known as Sara. Filling this section is a real big trouble for me. I'm always clueless about what to write. You know, I'm your average woman, klutzing around this themepark of life, appreciating lovely things, smiling at beautiful people, getting all uptight over annoying snippets--normal stuff. I love books, gadgets, movies, animals, nature, nuts and chocolates. Well, not always in that order! You see, the point I'm trying to make is, I'm any aveage joe and not an alien! But there has to be something that makes everyone unique. Some of us are sweet, some are salty, some are spicy. I believe I have something unique about me too. Pointing that out is the job of people who happen to know me.

Anyway, let's get a little serious. I'm an avid reader. Reason why I've come up with this blog. I'm a bibliophile who takes a sneak peak at every book lying around. Obviously, that's just a way of saying and I'm not attracted to any trash with a front and back cover! My favorite genres are crime thrillers, mystery, suspense, comedy, history, general fiction and educative non fiction. Previously I was not very keen on reading romances in spite of having published a romance novel myself. But after reading some Indie romances, I've changed my opinion on the genre. Though I still do not read a lot of trad pub romances I've decided to try the Indie ones. Anyway, moving on to my writing ventures. I write a lot and more often than not, I scribble about whatever gnaws at my mind. I fill pages with my other-worldly philosophy, I write about animal rights and social issues and sometimes I write small poems about nifty things. I'm currently working on a short story collection where all stories are going to have animal protagonists. I'm also writing a crime thriller. Let's hope I'm able to finish these ventures soon enough. 

I'm a student of English Literature and that is how I'm best known to friends and family. Did I mention it before? I don't think so. However, I'm very interested in science, technology and fine arts. I'm just interested in them. Doesn't mean I'm the person you can approach with your scientific query. I also love solving puzzles, playing indoor games and listening to music in the quietness of solitude. I'm not an outgoing outdoor person. I mean, I don't like hanging out with friends, piddling around with strangers and partying. I love taking long walks in lush green gardens, watching birds and admiring nature. But unfortunately, I live in a crowded city and those walks I take only in my dreams. 

All right, I guess I've bored you enough. If you want to know more about me, get in touch. Send me an email or connect with me on Twitter. I'm back on Facebook after a long break. Go ahead and follow my page for updates! I would love to receive a mail or DM from you, even if it is apparently pointless. 

My email is - admin@crazycuriousreader.com.

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