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Crazy Curious Reader is reading a mixed bag of books, trying to explore a variety of genres! Submit yours for a review.



Introducing "Curiosity", a whole new style of review. Apart from the regular review/ratings, Curiosity Points are now awarded to each book. These points indicate whether the book brings anything new to your table (shelf?), makes you curious and leaves you asking for more even after you have stacked it back into your library. 

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Stacked Books

book of the week!


Sara's thought

A good book will raise some questions but a great book will never answer them!

---- Crazy Curious Sara

Dartboard Bullseye

creative game

Pick up the last book you read. Turn to page 57. The third word of the second sentence is your prompt. Go write a poem beginning with that word.

Quote of the week!

Be careful when reading health books. You can die from a misprint. 

— Mark Twain

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